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Mar 17, 2024 | Uncategorized

Fire Door Services

Our team of qualified Fire Door Inspectors are fully qualified to carry out the inspections of your fire doors and prepare a detailed report that will be sent to you.

Here at Staines Safety Services, our team of fire protection experts have over 20 years of experience with the inspection and installation of products and systems.

Each Passive Fire Protection inspection is undertaken and measured against industry standards with knowledge of the Building Regulations, Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications and Fire Test Evidence. Buildings can be inspected against the required passive fire protection or individual product types can be inspected during installation.

The Regulation 10 of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order puts the responsibility of Fire Safety on the owner of the building, or you can nominate a responsible person who must be competent. The ultimate method of providing assurances that the passive fire protection installations are done correctly is to have a third-party inspection.

If the doors in your building are found to be either non functioning or non-compliant, you may be liable in the event of a fire. Most buildings have multiple fire doors, these include hospitals, accommodation, office’s and schools, all of which can be damaged overtime, whether due to vandalism or everyday wear and tear. 

There is a lot to consider and so much resting on your shoulders, but don’t worry we have you covered. We will ensure every one of your fire doors is compliant with all the relevant regulations. To achieve this we run a thorough inspection on all the fire doors in your building and supply a schedule and report on an annual or quarterly basis, depending on the type of property.

A fire door inspection involves:

  • A full visual inspection of the door.
  • Check of all hinges. 
  • Intumescent seals. 
  • Gaps around the door. 
  • Door closers.
  • The frame.

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