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Mar 26, 2023 | Case Studies

Training course information

Construction Site Banksman Course

The course covers key areas of a banksman’s role, including helping to maintain the control measures put in place by their employer, effectively instructing and guiding drivers and operators when other controls are not sufficient for reducing the risks, and keeping the work area free from pedestrians and others who may be harmed. It explains how to use the signals set out in the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, which banksmen commonly use to help direct drivers and operators. Illustrations, videos, and animations are used to teach learners the hand signals, so they can see them in action.

Note that the course is designed to support practical, work activity and work environment specific training that banksmen must receive beyond this course. It can also act as a refresher for those who have already received practical training.

Who should take this course?

Our Banksman Training course is aimed at anyone who’ll be fulfilling the role of a banksman for work activities involving vehicles and mobile plant. For example, helping to guide excavators on a construction site, lorries in a lorry park, forwarders in forestry work, etc. It is not specific to any one work environment or type of vehicle or mobile plant, so is suitable for banksmen no matter what industry they work in. The course will help the learner understand what their role entails, including how to effectively and safely guide drivers and operators during manoeuvres using a signalling system.

No previous training is required before undertaking this course, but it is not a replacement for practical training, which is required beyond the course. Practical training is vital for a banksman to be fully competent to fulfil their role in the specific work environment and for the work activities they’re involved in. The course can, however, act as a refresher for those who have already received practical training.

To help banksmen understand the wider scope of their role, the course explains what should be covered in the practical training they need to receive for their specific work activities and work environment. With this guidance, they’ll know what to expect from further training, or will recognise what their training should have already covered. This in turn will ensure they are as confident and prepared as possible for their role.

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