Fire Safety Services We Provide

Sep 15, 2022 | Case Studies


We connect UK businesses, organisations and landlords with recommended and approved fire risk assessors.

We have built a reputation for ourselves through both our customer service and the standards of our fire risk assessment throughout the United Kingdom. The fire risk assessors are experts in their field and hold a vast range of different accreditations, certifications and qualifications.

We are an experienced team in the fire safety industry and have organised many single and multi-site projects. Our mission is to help clients stay compliant with fire safety laws and make fire risk assessments readily available nationwide.


Request a free quote by contacting us at [email protected] or calling us on 07885982771 and telling us your requirements today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Types of Property Assessed

Fire risk assessors experienced in assessing all types of buildings in London.
Barns, sheds, greenhouses, farmhouses and stables.


Banks, convention centers, forums, facilities management, garages, hotels, nightclubs, markets, high-rise buildings, resorts, shops, shopping malls, studios, supermarkets, warehouses and restaurants.


Blocks of flats, dormitories, houses, maisonettes, nursing homes, care homes, sheltered housing, town houses, landlords, guest houses, private dwellings, tenants, villas and bungalows.


Archives, colleges, classrooms, gymnasiums, institutions, libraries, museums, art galleries, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, schools, opera houses, universities and boarding schools.


Council, consulates, county, courthouses, embassies, fire stations, borough, general needs, local authority, local government, schemes, supported housing, parliament, police stations, post offices and prisons.


Breweries, factories, foundries and mills.


Barracks, bunkers and castles.


Churches, cathedrals, chapels, mosques, monasteries and temples.

and many more

Apartments, arenas, business, bed and breakfast, beauty salons, cafes, bookshops, clinics, clubs, community halls, construction sites, depots, day nurseries, department stores, dental practices, fast-food restaurants, sport stadiums, hairdressers, holiday homes, holiday lets, hospices, hospitals, leasehold properties, pubs, village halls, nuclear premises, ships, open air events, offices, workshops and the workplace.

Fire Extinguisher Service and Supply

Staines Safety Services offers an array of fire extinguisher services, including:

  • Survey
  • Supply
  • Commission
  • Installation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Fire safety signs
  • Ancillary equipment.

You can rest assured that we supply high-quality fire extinguishers from Europe’s leading manufacturers, ensuring the most suitable installation for the types of business and usage. All of our extinguishers are kite marked to BS EN3:1996 and manufactured to the highest standards.

Staines Safety Services also operates a complete site asset register for all sites which includes: location, equipment type and new / test dates. This register is available to all of our customers upon request.

Fire Door Surveys

At Staines Safety Solutions we offer a professional and expert fire door inspection service that is independent and certified. Our Certificated Fire Door Inspectors are fully qualified to carry out the inspections of your fire doors and prepare a detailed report on the fire doors on your premises.

Here at Staines Safety Services and fire solutions, our team of passive fire protection inspection experts have many years of experience with inspection and installation of products and systems. Each Passive Fire Protection inspection is undertaken and measured against industry standards with knowledge of the Building Regulations, Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications and Fire Test Evidence. Buildings can be inspected against the required passive fire protection or individual product types can be inspected during installation and after installation as a third party inspection service.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order puts the responsibility of Fire Safety on the owner of the building, or to nominate a responsible person who must be competent. The ultimate method of providing assurances that the passive fire protection installations within a building are installed correctly, is to have a third-party inspection on these provisions by a competent person.

Landlords Fire Safety Checks

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