Leeds Fire Door Inspections

Jun 5, 2022 | Case Studies

Fire Door Inspections

A fire door survey is a meticulous inspection of an individual door. Each survey will look at the following five key elements (but not limited to)

Certification – This verifies a fire doors design, manufacture, consistency, performance and quality assurance.

Gaps – Checking gaps around doors to make sure they are within permitted parameters. This ensures fire and smoke cannot travel through gaps.

Seals – Checking that combined intumescent strips and smoke seals have been fitted to the door or frame. These must be intact with no sign of damage.

Hinges/letter plates – Checking that 3 x fire rated hinges have been correctly used to hang the door. Checking for missing or damaged screws. Ensuring any door furniture is suitably fire rated.

Closing properly – Ensure the door fits correctly within the frame and closes correctly to latch.

Once the assessment has been completed you will receive a full written report detailing every fire door at the premises. The report will include a photograph of each door together with the following information for each door that is inspected;

Door ID, Door barcode, dimensions, rating, door material, frame material, door type, location, frame condition, hinges condition, lockset condition, glass condition, seals condition, closer condition, structure condition, signage condition, gaps condition, overall door condition

Fire Door Inspectors

All of the fire door inspectors employed within Staines Safety Services Ltd are FDIS trained and also hold the NEBOSh Fire Certificate as a minimum.

Latest Project

One of our latest Fire Door Survey projects took place at the Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow. Over three days our FDIS Fire Door surveyors inspected over 500 fire doors.


Leeds Fire Door Surveys