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Dec 10, 2021 | Case Studies

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Are you nominated as the responsible person within your premises for fire safety? Do you realise you have a legal obligation to make sure your premises meet the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order? Are you sure your fire doors are adequate and in an adequate state of repair? If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions then you will require a professional fire door survey.

Fire doors are a robust fire protection measure which should be checked and maintained like any other life safety system in a building. Fire doors help slow the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, not only to protect lives, but also to protect the property and neighbouring buildings. This only applies, however, if they are correctly maintained in a working condition.

In addition to the implications from various design codes, standards and guidance documents, we strongly urge companies to have the condition of their fire doors periodically checked; failure to do so could dramatically increase the threat level should a fire occur.

Since the uncovering of the drastic failings of passive fire protection in various building fires such as the Grenfell Tower disaster, the importance for suitable checks of passive fire protection has been significantly highlighted.

A full fire door survey by a competent person will help you to identify the real problems with your fire doors, and how to rectify those particular issues in a compliant manner. Not only that, but you will then have an established asset list for the doors in your building to ensure you’re maintaining and checking the correct ones.

Not all doors in a building need to be fire doors, we can offer advice to ensure you know where your fire doors need to be.

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