Blackpool B&B Fire Risk Assessments

Aug 9, 2021 | Case Studies

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Blackpool B&B Fire Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a necessity and not only are they required by multiple governing bodies but done well they can identify hazards waiting to cause problems in the future. We know you may have lots to do, and a risk assessment just takes too much of your valuable time, so we are here to help.

We can come to you and perform a fire risk assessment done by professionals and presented in a clear and easy to action format.


A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement that allows you to be fully compliant with the legislation. The assessment provides a way to determine any potential risks that could cause a fire in the workplace. A series of factors are analysed in order to assess the likelihood of a fire emergency. Following the assessment, a list of precautions will be determined in order to minimise the fire risks.


Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, business owners are legally required to have a Fire Assessment carried out by an expert at their premises. A fire Assessment will ensure that all of your staff and business assets are safe by minimising all the risk associated with fire. Based in Blackpool  we have helped many businesses with their fire needs by ensuring they remain compliant and safe.



During a fire risk assessment, the assessor will identify any factors that could contribute to people being harmed during a fire emergency. The assessor will:

✔ Check any hazards or potential sources of ignition

✔ Identify whether a potential fire could harm people during their escape

✔ Recommend potential actions that could minimise the risk of hazards

✔ Put together  an action plan containing a list of actions that could be taken to resolve any existing problems.

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