Fire Door Inspection Services

May 7, 2021 | Case Studies

Helping you achieve Fire Door compliance

Staines Fire Safety provides an independent, third-party fire door inspection service. Our  Fire Door Inspectors are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS). Our inspectors can provide the most comprehensive and highest standard of inspection within the UK. Having your doors inspected by our certified professionals not only gives you peace of mind, it also reassures the building’s occupiers that you take fire safety seriously.

Can you trust your Fire Doors will perform as designed in the event of a Fire?

Fire Doors are often the first line of defence in a fire and their correct specification, maintenance and management can be the difference between life and death for building occupants. However, they remain a significant area of neglect, often the first thing to be downgraded on a specification and mismanaged throughout their service life, propped open, damaged and badly maintained. This makes fire door breaches one of the most common fines implemented under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

Staines Fire Safety can offer a program to perform the inspection of your fire doors, giving you the best value possible. If a fire door can’t be repaired, one of our qualified inspector’s will provide the necessary information for you to make an informed decision about complete fire door replacement.

Fire doors play a major role in the fire safety and protection of ALL buildings covered by the FSO and it is important that fire doors are inspected correctly and maintained in order to ensure compliance.
Failure to do so can place property and lives at risk and is likely to result in criminal prosecution.

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