Fire Extinguishers in Middlesbrough and the North East

Jul 23, 2020 | Case Studies

Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Supply Middlesbrough and Surrounding Areas

Proper maintenance of fire extinguishers not only gives you peace of mind, but it is a legal requirement for non-domestic premises.

We are an experienced team of certified fire professionals who can give you peace of mind by way of letting you know that your fire extinguishers will work correctly in the unfortunate event of a fire on your business premises. Our credited engineers will attend your sites at a time convenient to you. Contact us today to arrange a visit and decide on the future course of action.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Annual Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Having fire extinguishers on your premises means you are prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario should a sudden fire breaks out in the building. Ensuring the extinguishers are serviced at the right time is essential to keep the equipment safe and operative at all times and prolong its lifespan.

The British Standard for fire extinguishers recommends annual servicing to keep them in working order at all times. The service should be carried out by a professional service engineer. We carry out yearly servicing by competent professionals according to British Standards 5306-3:2009.

Our engineers will check the tamper seal to if it holds the safety pin in place which will prevent accidental discharge. They will check if the gauge is working correctly and whether the extinguisher is properly pressurised. They will check for any damages and corrosion as well as whether the hose is in good condition. All businesses, public buildings, HMOs, and organisations should service their fire extinguishers every year or can face heavy fines.

Extended Fire Extinguisher Servicing

After five years, you should carry out an extended service for all extinguishers in the building. In addition to carrying out the annual service, our engineers will check the internal and operating conditions during the extended service. The exception is CO2 extinguishers which need an extended service every ten years. An extended service is more expensive due to the extra work and materials required.

Fire Extinguisher Site Survey

If you are confused as to which fire extinguishers and fire blankets are needed for your premises, we can send a competent fire engineer to conduct a site survey. Our team of professionals will recommend the right fire extinguishers and fire blankets for your premises according to the relevant British Standards.

Fire Extinguisher Supply

We have a wide range of fire extinguishers for you to choose from depending on your location and use. We supply some of the best equipment from leading manufacturers in the country. Whatever fire risk you present to our competent team, the right extinguishing equipment will be recommended.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

Commissioning means all of your fire extinguishers have been thoroughly checked and approved as being fit for use. Your extinguishers won’t be compliant with UK fire extinguisher legislation until they are commissioned.

Checks during the commissioning process include checking the extinguishers have been appropriately assembled, the units are undamaged, hoses are attached correctly, and the units are of the right weight or pressure.

Our competent engineers will provide you with a certificate endorsing the extinguishers have been commissioned in accordance with UK regulations.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Our experienced accredited engineers have been installing fire extinguishers for years. Whatever the nature of your business, our team can help you.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Contracts

Choose our extinguisher servicing contract and our competent team of engineers will automatically contact you when the extinguishers are due for their next service. Our certified service engineers will carry out the maintenance in accordance with BS 5306. Contact us today to start your extinguisher maintenance contract.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing FAQ

Is It a Legal Requirement to Service Fire Extinguishers in the UK?

Different Fire ExtinguishersFire safety legislation in the UK does require all premises or buildings used for commercial or non-domestic purposes to have fire extinguishers. The Fire Safety Order of 2005 stipulates that commercial and industrial building owners must keep regularly-serviced fire extinguishers in their premises at all times.

The legislation was passed in a bid to reduce commercial fires in the UK. Failure to meet this legal requirement can have numerous implications that range from severe fines to prosecution in a court of law.

How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Inspected?

If you already have fire extinguishers fitted in your premises, the next thing on your agenda is to know how often they need to be inspected and serviced. Inspection and servicing of fire extinguishers is critical for both compliance and building safety.

If you want to avoid monumental losses in your property in case of a fire, you should make it a priority to service your fire extinguishers at least once every year. In fact, all fire safety equipment (not just fire extinguishers) in your building should be inspected and serviced by a qualified professional at least once every 12 months.

How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need to Have?

Well, you can have as many fire extinguishers in your building as you want. However, there is a minimum number of extinguishers you are required to have under the Fire Safety Order depending on the size and nature of your premises.

UK fire safety regulations require that you have at least 2 ‘Class A’ fire extinguishers on every floor of your building. Class A fire extinguishers are those that can put out carbonaceous fires or paper/wood fires. The capacity of the fire extinguishers can range from 3 litres to 9 litres depending on the size of the floors.

How Should Fire Extinguishers Be Installed?

In order to comply with UK fire safety regulations, you should aim to fit fire extinguishers on walls or stands that are easily accessible. The extinguishers should be permanently fixed to these fixtures in order to prevent or discourage individuals from moving them.

You should also clearly label all fire extinguishers in your building with appropriate ID signs that are posted next to them. Fire extinguisher ID signs should contain information on the type of fire extinguishers, how and when to use them, and the last time they were serviced.

Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Located?

Row of Fire ExtinguishersClass A fire extinguishers for commercial and non-domestic premises should be located near exits and fire alarm assembly points. Exits are the best places to put fire extinguishers as both building occupants and emergency response personnel can easily access them in case of a fire.

If your building has more exits or fire assembly points than the number of fire extinguishers you have, then UK fire safety regulations stipulate that the 30-metre rule should be used to determine where the extinguishers are located. The rule states that any person on a building floor should not be more than 30 metres away from the nearest fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers should also be placed near fire hazard areas such as near cookers and heaters.

What Is Fire Extinguisher Commissioning?

Fire extinguisher commissioning is simply the process of confirming that your fire extinguishers are in good shape and ready for use in case of an emergency. Any fire extinguishers in your building that have not been appropriately commissioned are considered in breach of UK fire safety regulations.

You may procure the right type and size of fire extinguishers for your premises and proceed to have the properly fitted, but until you have them commissioned, you are not compliant with the Fire Safety Order of 2005. Commissioning typically involves:

  • Checking for damage on extinguishers
  • Checking pressure and weight
  • Checking if horns and hoses are properly connected
  • Checking if the extinguishers have been properly fitted

What Does Fire Extinguisher Servicing Involve?

A typical fire extinguisher services involves checking a few things:

  • Is the extinguisher in good shape?
  • Has the extinguisher been tampered with?
  • Does the firing pin work?
  • Is the extinguisher hose in good condition?
  • Is the extinguisher properly labled with an appropriate sign?
  • Does the extinguisher need to be replaced or decommissioned?

What Do I Need to Have to Show That My Extinguishers Have Been Appropriately Inspected and Serviced?

There are a number of things you need to have during a health and fire safety inspection to show that you are compliant.

  1. An original service label on each and every extinguisher showing that they have been duly inspected and serviced within the last 12 months
  2. Service label should state the outcomes and recommendations of the last service such as:
    • extinguisher got basic maintenance done
    • extinguisher was refilled
    • extinguisher needs to be put in a better location or needs replacing
  3. An anti-tamper tag to prevent the pin from being accidentally pulled out
  4. An O-Ring that makes sure the extinguisher is air-tight
  5. An in-date service certificate from a recognised fire safety company or institution

How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Replaced?

UK fire safety regulations require that all fire extinguishers in commercial and non-domestic premises be replaced every 5 years.

Replacement can be done early in cases where extinguishers are damaged, used or worn out. Replacement should be done by properly trained professionals to ensure that all fire safety standards are met.