Fire Risk Assessment at North Yorkshire Holiday Home

Apr 18, 2020 | Case Studies


We were lucky to be offered the chance to perform a fire risk assessment on Willow House Farm which has recently undergone refurbishment to become a holiday home. The property is located just outside Harrogate in the rolling hills of North Yorkshire with hardly a soul to see for at least five miles.

Willow House Farm

Willow house farm is an impressive stone farmhouse offering spacious accommodation extending to 7338 square feet. The farm is located 6.4 miles from Harrogate, 18 miles from Leeds and 29 mile from York. Leeds and Bradford Airport is 12.5 miles away

Fire Risk Assessment

The actual fire risk assessment proved to be quite a tricky assessment due to the size and layout of the property. The building maintains most of its original features such as low timber support beams in the kitchens and living room. The interior of the property consisted of more timber than I have ever seen within a property. There has been quite a bit of subsidence throughout the years which impacted on the doors in quite an excessive way but the joiner who fit the fire doors has performed a great job making the fire doors fit for purpose. The property is owned by Countryside Getaways and can be found on and