School Fire Door Survey

Mar 25, 2020 | Case Studies


Fire Doors
Staines Safety Services and Fire Solutions specialise in the surveying, restoration and installing of fire doors and frames. This includes front entrance doors-sets, emergency doors and communal doors in communal, office, School and healthcare building and multi-storey residential buildings.

Importance of Fire Doors
A fire door is one of the most important and often overlooked, fire safety products on your premises. The key to passive fire protection is to contain the fire to a particular compartment or room, giving occupants enough time to escape and the fire service enough time to enter the building and tackle the fire.
Fire doors are an integral part of this, designed to prevent the fire or smoke from spreading. However due the nature of fire doors being used in a functional way on a regular basis means they are at greater risk of damage and abuse, seriously compromising the fire protection in your building.

Fire Door Surveys
We offer a professional and expert fire door inspection service that is independent and certified. Our Certificated Fire Door Inspectors are fully qualified to carry out the inspections of your fire doors and prepare a detailed report on the fire doors on your premises.

Staines Safety Services and Fire Solutions are certified through third party accreditation under the FDIS, IFE & IFPO and all our assessors hold a minimum of a NEBOSH Fire qualification so you can rest assured that our inspectors have the appropriate fire door qualifications and credentials.
Our qualified fire door inspectors, repairers and maintainers are aware of the British and European standards relating to fire doors and their installation as well as publications and best practice guidelines.

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