Sublime Restaurant hidden in Redcar

Nov 27, 2019 | Staines Safety

Chefs Table – Redcar

Its not often we get to perform fire risk assessments which are local to us as a company. We are always on the road, driving around the U.K. But today was different and we had a nice little fire risk assessment to do in Redcar. The assessment was to be done at the Chefs Table restaurant on Queen Street which is just off the main High Street.

The Restaurant

The restaurant has been trading just short of a year now and is quite evidently a busy little business. On entering the property it was evident for all to see that it is well looked after. The housekeeping was neat and tidy, the work tops were gleaming and the smell of freshly cooking food was in the air. The restaurant offers traditional British food.

The Fire Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessment was a straight forward relatively easy affair. The fire doors were all brand spanking new, the emergency lighting had obviously just been installed and looked like new. All policies were up to date and detailed. The fire alarm system was a all singing all dancing zonal fire alarm. To be fair there wasn’t much I could see that needed amending!!! If only all our fire risk assessments were like this!!!