Something a little bit different………..

Nov 19, 2019 | Case Studies

Thermal Imaging

Today we were called to a factory that was experiencing heat loss in the boiler room. Heating bills were costing our customer a hefty price and it was getting a little concerning. At one point the customer even thought they were been haunted!!

Fire Doors

Fire doors should be installed by competent and skilled fire door installers because in an emergency they are your last line of defence. If gaps are too large they could be rendered useless because they could let smoke and flames through.


We offer a wide range of thermal imaging inspections which include fire door surveys/inspections, thermal photography on machinery and electrical equipment and drone imagery and photography.


Are you aware of the hazards with equipment that are not working correctly? Are you aware that gaps on a fire door could introduce significant hazards to the workspace? If you need a thermal imaging inspection get in touch today!!