Fire Extinguisher Service Packages

Nov 13, 2019 | Case Studies, Staines Safety

Fire Extinguisher Service and Supply Packages

Here at we aim to deliver the best possible fire extinguisher service and supply packages in Yorkshire and the North East. To bring the best deals to our customers we work with the manufacturers to keep the costs down which we then pass on to our loyal customers.


We believe we can better any current quotes you may already have. All you need to do is produce a written quote from one of our competitors and we believe we can better it, and worse case scenario match it.


We truly are a U.K wide company and can supply and service anywhere in the U.K.  We are currently based in Teesside but have an office in Scotland and Fire Extinguisher Engineers locate around England and Wales.


You can contact us at [email protected] or call us at 07885982771. We have pages on twitter @SafetyStaines or facebook @stainessafetyservices

Fire extinguisher services